Official Player Watch

Plan of Action Consulting

After years of offering multiple services to assist athletes from high school to the professional level through OFFICIALPLAYERWATCH.COM, INC., we will now start providing Plan of Action Consulting. Through our Plan of Action Consulting service that we developed, it will be a basic road map to help clients, parents and coaches make sure they’re taking all necessary approaches to raising athlete's likelihood of next level opportunities.

We will be your partner in building a future as a collegiate student athlete or professional athlete.

Market your skills and raise awareness of WHO you are!
Develop a strategic plan for the year or pro rated calendar year.
Manage/supervise your growth daily to expose your unique skills.

General Services-

Academic guidance
Personal Training (In select areas)

Nutritional Guidance
24/7 Staff Availability
Create client a dominating Highlight Video
Create client a professional Biography
Online Athletic Resume
Communication with colleges

What you can expect-

Their are no secrets to success in any business.  We believe networking and personable relationships help empower your objectives.  With decades of experience in the competitive world of athletics we have a professional understanding of how to generate exposure and create possible opportunities. We stand by our honesty, hard-work, passionate and productive nature while building long lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients. Every clients future is equally important and we will be there every step of the way as we may endure good and tough times.

  • We want to provide opportunities for our client in life using athletics as a vehicle.
  • We want to surround clients with individuals who are unconditionally committed to their success.
  • Our passion and energy will provide our clients and their families peace of mind that we CARE.


We believe in helping clients that truly believe in helping themselves. Visual statement "As a productive and caring person, if you see someone pushing their wagon up a hill under distress, you're going to stop and help pull that wagon up the hill. If you see someone seating in their wagon on the hill looking for help, are you going to pull them and their wagon up?"  The wagon is life and at some point we all will need some type of assistance. With that visual statement we want to help clients who are passionate and determined about helping themselves. We need to know what we're working with as the following information will vary depending on your sport and athletic level.

  • Academics History
  • Positional Drills (Staff will conduct)
  • Attribute Testing (Staff will conduct)
  • Game Footage
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Two Reference

After we have reviewed the above information, we will be honest to clients about where they stand respectfully for next level opportunities. So, before we move forward our client has an understanding of the foreseen projection we have.  They have the opportunity to move forward with our service or not.

Please contact us for more details or to set up a free consultation meeting to further discuss what we offer.

 Best Regards,

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”
― Harvey MacKay

"Believe in your endeavor and hard work will guide you."